With 60 years in the CG group Lumber and Forestry has supplied raw materials to major industries such as: construction industry, furniture, decoration, packaging and carpentry among others.

To remain a leader in the industry and maintaining the leadership, CG Group has become steadily according to the requirements and market demands.

CG Group currently has 3 divisions to mark its growth strategy and activity in Mexican and international business world.

Commitment to Quality

For quality CG Group is one of the most important items in the products we manufactureand the services we provide to our customers.

In Group CG quality is not a challenge but a proud tradition.

Commitment to the Planet

CG is committed to the planet and the generations that precede us, so it requires itssuppliers to provide raw materials are of forests and jungles that have a strict control offarms using sustainable management techniques or preference checked and certifiedplantations.